Little is known about her. She seems to be a young, blonde woman, with her face covered by her hair. Her clothes are covered in blood. She always floats in the air and she vibrates in a way similar to Lisa in Silent Hills P.T. She also makes sounds, quite similar to Lisa from P.T., making it clear that she was inspired from that game. Her first appearance was in the original Dungeon Nightmares during the “Endless Hallway” hallucination, without harming the player. However, that was more like a prototype, which eventually evolved into the Tortured Soul we know in the second game. In this game, she can be encountered as a enemy in Nights 3, 4 and 5.

Pictures warning: The brightness has been increased to better reveal the characters for this wiki. The player is NOT supposed to be able to see this well when playing the game.

Behavior Edit

She spawns at a random location inside the dungeon and remains idle, until the player gets close. Once she spots the player, she starts following them for the rest of the time they spend in the dungeon. She never loses track of the player’s location and she will always moving towards them, no matter how far she will be. She can pass through doors, intact breakable doors and traps without being harmed. Just like the Ghost Girl, she hates light. Lighting a candle will make her vanish, but she will only be invisible. She can’t harm the player when a candle is lit, but she will reappear once it goes off. Also, lighting a candle when close to her and then moving to another location of the map, until the candle goes off will make her appear in the player’s new location, which means that she follows the player faster, when a candle is lit. This results in the player “carrying” the invisible Tortured Soul around when using candles.


The Tortured Soul preparing to hit the player.

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