"Boney? Is that you?" Edit

In some rooms, or dead ends, there are skeletons standing. The more you progress through the game, the more skeletons the dungeons will contain, except for Nights 4 and 5, which contain a very low numbers of skeletons. There are no skeletons in Night 0.

Pictures: The brightness was raised after they were taken to better reveal the characters. The player is NOT supposed to see this well.

Behavior Edit

Skeletons will sometimes react to the player. Not each and every time though! The chance of them reacting to the player increases with each next night. They do either of the following:

- Nothing, behaving just like a statue. This is very common when playing Night 1. When in this state, they can be examined. A reference to Markiplier sometimes appears when examining a Skeleton ("Boney?").

- Lose their balance and suddenly fall on the floor when the player gets close to them. This is just a jumpscare. A loud sound will be played when this happens. It will scare the player, but that is just about it.

- Follow the player when they don’t look. If the player gets close to the skeleton and it doesn't fall down, there’s an increased chance that it will follow them if the player looks away. If the player turns around and then stare back at the skeleton, it will have moved a little closer to the player. If the player looks away a little longer instead, when they look back it will be right in front of the player. If the player looks away for too long, the skeleton will actually hurt them when the player looks back at it. If a second hit is received, the game ends in a death.

- Follow the player when they spark the lighter. Some skeletons won’t activate until the player sparks when near them. They get significantly closer to the player each time they spark. If the player sparks when a skeleton is already too close, the skeleton will instantly kill the player and the game will result in a death.

Other Mechanics Edit

- Skeletons, which have already moved once, can be pushed by the player. This is useful especially when a skeleton has moved close to an open door. The player can push them to the other room and then close the door to block the skeletons’ way.

- Already active Skeletons can be made to move either by not looking at them, or by sparking. So, when a skeleton moves, don’t turn around and don’t spark, as you can make it move by either of these actions.

Cool Screenshots Edit

While taking screenshots for the wiki, some good ones came out. It would be a shame for them to go to waste.


Boney decided to take a bloody bath!


Boney decided to prove he is fire-proof!

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