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    This wiki was created by a user named "Xen0XP" on March 13th, 2016. The user created all of the pages in this wiki.

    I joined about a month ago. By that time, Xen0XP is no longer active, but i became the current owner of this wiki.

    Now i just want to ask you something (whoever you are): if you want to contribute to this wiki, know the game really well, then please let me know down in the comments. You could also be given admin or mod rights. But please contribute, and help me revive this once lost wiki.

    - TRSM

    Current staff members:

    (Dungeon King) Owner - TheRealStuff Mapping Official

    (Dungeon Master) Admin 1 - None yet

    (Dungeon Master) Admin 2 - None yet

    (Dungeon Fixer) Rollback - None yet

    (Dungeon Explorer) Chat mod - None yet

    (Dungeon Professional…

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